The Invitation Songtext
von Saigon feat. Q‐Tip & Fatman Scoop

The Invitation Songtext

Ain't nothin' stoppin' this murderin' in Metropolis
I represent the poor profitless corner monopolipis
The pessimist outnumber the optimist on the block and it's
Coppers that got binoculars cause I can feel them watchin' us

If only they knew what we had a pocket of
They probably swarm in without a warning pointin' glocks at us
Get down but this is gettin' us paid
So at a very tender age we learned the tricks of the trade

Copping coke to cooking it to chipping it with the blade
To baggin' and pitchin' to gettin' rid of it in a raid
Most of us would never get to stage, when it's lawyers and bail
Hell, we're happy to get stiffed in the cage

And it's crazy we be out here days upon days
Makin' just enough to get some licks, some kicks and some haze
It's a damn shame we're placed in a no win situation
The party is in the pen and the blow is the invitation

Rikers Island, you don't stop
Greenhaven all day, you don't stop
Hold it down in Rahway, you don't stop
You gotta strive in Elmira, you don't stop

Sullivan, Kelso and you don't stop
All my peoples Auburn, you don't stop
And last but not least for the sure shot
It's the abandoned nation

Teresa baby, daddy got a bad habit of smoking money up
She gettin' some strippin' paper
But saved enough for a tummy tuck
Little man hungry as fuck, he only one years old
But knows he's unlucky and such

As he grows he gets bitter now he acts up in class
He curses his teachers out, tellin' them they can kiss his ass
Soon as he didn't pass his mama whoppin' his ass
His pops is not around, the boy is blocked down

Not even twelve months later
He suckin' on 40oz and pissin' in elevators
Idolizin' the guys with big rides that gettin' quick paper
And now he despises the shit taker

He thirteen, goin' on twenty six and a half
His only dream is to have bricks and a stash
Poppin' the clutch and hittin' the gas, so he start dabblin'
In the coke game pitchin' for halves

Now he sittin' in a cell with an unpeculiar bail
He happened to make a sale to an unfamiliar male
Who was an undercover cop, his photo is at the station
The party is in the pen and the blow is the invitation

Bayview and Clinton, you don't stop
North Branch, Connely, you don't stop
Hurstville, Bunker Hill, you don't stop
Greenville, James River, you don't stop

(Verse 3: Saigon)
The party is in the pen and the government is promotin' it
That's the reason I don't be believin' in all this votin' shit
They bring the coke in this bitch, ain't no poppy seeds
In the p's please, there's nothing but a whole lot of hopelessness

That's where all the focus is, makin' sure all the blacks
Stay in the back the same place that, uh, Scoliosis is
How can they lie with such compulsiveness
We just sit around acting like this is how we supposed to live

Fuck outta here, I can swear in 'bout a year
I'll have these suckas in explainin' why the hell they still got us here
This being treated like shit, still gettin' beat
With nightsticks, still attractin' heat in my six

That's why we ride still drink Bacardi and the Gin
That's why you tryna invite me to the party in the pen
The body will get your ass up in the VIP
And the burner will get you in without showing your ID

The coke that'll get you in, especially if you cook it up
You RSVP to the party in the P
Enitentiary Saigitty, I am the truth
I ain't one of these kids that lie to the youth, I'm living proof

Comstock in the house, it don't stop
Sing Sing, uh, you don't stop
Attica, come on, you don't stop
And Attica, come on, you don't stop

Out in Greenhaven, you don't stop
And what it do Rahway, you don't stop
Out west in Lompoc, you don't stop
Is San Quetin in the house and you don't stop

Over in Ironwood, you don't stop
What about Aronhill, you don't stop
North Branch, do it up, you don't stop
Over in Connelly, you don't stop

Saigon the Yardfather, you don't stop
Just Blaze on the beat, he keeps it hot
And last but not least for the sure shot
It's the abandoned nation

Comstock's in the house hands up
Sing Sing's in the house hands up
Attica's in the house hands up
Greenhaven's in the house hands up

Rahway's in the house hands up
Lompoc's in the house hands up
Elmira's in the house hands up
Sullivan's in the house hands up

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