While We Were Dreaming Songtext
von Pink Mountaintops

While We Were Dreaming Songtext

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While you lie on your back
And milk through the scars
So careful you are to surrender a thing

But Jesus ain't coming
So don't waste your time
Not yours and not mine
You're only dreaming

And while you were scheming of silver machines
Far above the leaves
I snuck into your scene
Don't lie there lurking
Behind your troubled walls
Wicked as they are
You're not deceiving

And if I could find your heart
I would pull it from your chest
And smash it with my fist 'til it was beating
And if there's a hole inside the heaven in your head
'cause that angel that you kissed just left you bleeding

I know it ain't easy to keep ramblin' on
When the voices in your skull are always screaming
Broke into your prison
And drugged the sleeping guards
And painted flowers on the bars
And snuck you out the yard
Paralyzed and gleaming with visions of new states
Wrapped in our embrace

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