Different Songtext
von Phil Collins

Different Songtext

It's just like me yet
It's just so different
Where did it come from?
These things that got here
Are all so different
Where does it belong?

I've never seen its shape
It's just so different
Oh I must see more
Skin so soft
It smells so different
From all I've seen before
And yet here, we're just the same

My heart is beating faster
I must know more about her
There's something strange that draws me near her
She's nothing like I've seen before
She makes me feel so alive


Tarzan Oh I see...

Tarzan Oh I see?

Oh nononono, I'm Jane...

Oh nononono, I'm Jane

Oh dear, no, My name is Jane Porter

Oh dear, no, My name is Jane Porte.


Tarzan, Jane...

Tarzan... Jane


I've never felt like this
I feel so different
Being so close to her
Something deep inside feels so different
Since everything has stirred
There's something so exciting
Somehow more so inviting
It feels so new yet so familiar
Something tells me I will never
Ever be the same again

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