Who's Up Songtext
von Paul Cherry

Who's Up Songtext

Who's up? Who's up?
Is anybody out there?
Hit me up 3:00 AM, don't care
Need a friend
Somebody to share all the things spinning through my head here

Why'd I'd come to you?
You're someone else scrolling through the chat (how 'bout that?)
I'll be up all night this time tomorrow
We can talk all night about our sorrows

I let you inside my mind
We can talk about hard times
I can hear your secrets, you hear mine
You hear mine

Who's up?
Is anybody out there?
5:00 AM and I am so scared
Let you in but do be prudent
That I'm afraid of everything that's out there

Are you still online?
'Cause I need to talk about last night
Please be polite

Who's up?
Who's up?
Who's up?
Who's up?

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