Never Ending Love Songtext
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Never Ending Love Songtext

Well, I love anything about you
Appreciate anything that you do
Deep inside this gorgeous feelin'
My heart jumps up to the ceiling

It's in the way you smile when you're smilin'
It's in the way you touch my heart with your eyes
Yes, I know that finally my dream's come true

Never-ending Love
All I need
All I want
(is never-ending love)

Never-ending Love
And I never get enough

Never-ending Love
Heal my soul
Make me whole
(it's never-ending love)

Never-ending Love
Never dies

Even if I just think about you
I imagine the things that you do
I enjoy this sweet sensation
Endless love and affection

And when you make me feel like I'm flyin'
And when you make me feel like I'm losin' control
Yes, I'm finally livin' my dream with you

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