Rebirth Songtext
von Mark ’Oh

Rebirth Songtext

Rebirth- I'm shedding my skin
The blood of a thousand men
Is raining down on my past
Nobody cared and nobody asked
Rebirth- I'm shedding my skin
The words of a thousand men
Are fading into the past
Now I don't care and now I don't ask
I watched the word collapse behind me
As the shadows climed my back
I let the devil sit bedide me
And I've walked the thorny track
I felt the knives of envy stabbing
As I trod the baron earth
Let the crawlers do their grabbing
This is my Rebirth

Yes I refused to do the kneeling
And converse with evil tongues

I could feel my backbone healing
No begging had been done
A path of fire so demanding
Every step of which I'm worth
No I expect no understandings
This is my Rebirth

Rebirth, Rebirth


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