2 Train Songtext
von Mario

2 Train Songtext

There's a baby girl (That I know)
and she's so fine
I meet her every day (After school)
walk her to the train to spend some time
Cause' what her papa don't know
wont hurt me
mama thinks that
i'm a cutie
she cant wait til her sweet 16
CUZ we just tryin to do our thing

so i meet her at the 2 train everyday
ridin all the way to 110th
i get to hold her hand
whisper in her ear
the only time i get the time
is on the 2 train (is on the 2 train, is on the 2 train)
is on the 2 train

We always meet in the back OF car
so noone else can interrupt
so much to talk about (SO LITTLE TIME)
i wish we didn't have to rush
cause by 40 seconds to have HER listen
70 seconds.reminiscin
and im about to do my thang


I can't wait
til we wont have to worry bout noone
has to say
cause we'll be free wont have to sneak around no more
cause we're here now
and the future's not so far away
so until that day i'll say


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