Madman Songtext
von Kate Schrock

Madman Songtext

Sometime I don't know
How I got this far
Too many rainy days
And too much time in the bars

Most of the time I find myself
Floating high above this world
Don't know if I'm a big boy now
Or some scared little girl

I've been cold as December babe
Been too cold to die
Thinking I lost my love
Thinking I lost my life

Well I've been the outlaw baby
And I've been the garbage man
I've been so many people
I don't know who, who I am... sometimes, anymore

He loves me like a madman
He loves me like a king
He cries like a baby
Who knows he's got everything

I feel it sometimes
It's the strangest thing
It's not like rage or blues or anger
Or any other place I've been

I keep it to myself
And I keep up the pace
And sometimes late at night
I call out your name, yes I do

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