Enraged and Drowning Sullen Songtext
von Inferi

Enraged and Drowning Sullen Songtext

Cycles of livid death in the shallows of the stygian marsh
Toiling with dying breath true horrors of the trapped souls
Below that of a seething cauldron
Drowning beneath, bereft and sullen
Never to breach the surface forever to suffer

Tides of murk churn
Somatic beings of wrath flail
Striking one another, violently surging forth as one
True human form be it vile
The aversive hostiles look on to me
Resentment an ebb from thine eyes

Blessed be the womb that bore thee
In weeping and grieving may you long remain
Blessed be the womb that bore thee
Accursed spirits may your plights be in vain
Shackled to the depths and the violence you crave

City of dis, demise
We enter secure in our cause
Barriers jut from the murk
The mire with red embers smolder
Forming lit towers that scrape the sky
Endless are fields with tombs ablaze
Everlasting in eternal flame
Heretics of heaven, blasphemers of god confined

All give out a low moaning wail
Crestfallen to the bed of thy flame

Those who hath fallen from heaven await
The guardians of dis
Deny entrance through the city
Forewarns of death, to never leave from this fallen estate

A thousand serpent furies defend at the gates
Infernal demons refined
From flesh to mist with sword and fist
An effortless subsequent
Storm of the city of dis

The guardians stood in his way
Every one of them stood to be slain
While crushing their bones into dust
Those that remain will cower in vain
All of the guardians stood in his way
Every one of them stood to be slain
The only true god a warrior trusts
Stains on his blade the color of rust

The harbingers of death
Chant for dying breath
The enraged and drowning sullen
Soak in the remains
Of the guardians who've fallen

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