Say good-bye Songtext
von Howard Hewett

Say good-bye Songtext

we could beat around the bush again
play make believe or just pretend
that every thing is still ok
when all we really have to do is say what it is
we both feel inside
and reveal the secrets we try to hide
we could live like this the rest of our lives
or we could say
or we could say goodbye
we could say i do but really don't
say i will even though I know we won't
stay in love, this way for good
no matter what we do we could
tell the world our wedding plans
even though we know it really ends
we could say without you I'd die
or we could say
or we could say
i don't wanna go so don't make this harder than it should
i don't wanna know your reason
so just tell me that we could
say all the words we long to hear
i love you, and I love you too my dear
we could take romance to heights unknown
but when we're done still be all alone
we could find just the right word s to say
that I still love you but it s not the same
we could take the time to clear our minds
or we could say
or we could say goodbye

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