Olive Oil Songtext
von Happy Mondays

Olive Oil Songtext

Which one of you, has got to be so sad for,
and what'd ya look ashamed about,
always on downer, that just sounds like you.
And your waiting for some things to jump out of that tree,
ive got to be seen to believe.
I had to ask mister fixit,
everybody on this stagecoach likes robbin' an' bashin'
big blacks and blonds smokin' miles and miles of hash,
thats sweet,
the bigger the tree the better the time.
Yeah i can see now, how your looking for someone still,
a lot more funkier, a lot more ooohh,
well thats the way it seems is what the way you are.
(DONT KNOW THIS BIT), and a roof drops in,
and said 'ello goodbyes and a few months later your mine,
At this rate even sooner,
Still a lot more funkier, still a lot more you.

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