Through The Glass Darkly Live 06 Songtext
von Glass Hammer

Through The Glass Darkly Live 06 Songtext

I caught a glimpse of lovers holding hands
He looks at her, then falls to his knee
Then he asks her to marry
Asks her to share in his life
Then all is dark once more

Now a life of glimpses
Is all that's left to me

I caught a glimpse of life rushing
Passing me by in the mirror
Of little boys who
Playing at war didn't know that
One day war would
Be playing at them
But I know
I've caught it in glimpses

Then she saw a river swift
An old man stood on yonder shore
It seemed that he was weeping
And calling out to bring her home

And then it's dark
That's when the shadows
Play on the wall
And the mirror, it beckons
And would ensnare me
Dangling its dreams like
Silver and gold
So pretty
Chains to wrap around me
If only I could tear my gaze away

Then she saw the chasm growing
Yet still he waits for her
If only she could remember
She's heard his voice before
Calling out to bring her home

She caught a glimpse of a father
Holding the hand of his daughter
Then, but for a moment
She seemed to recall

Then she saw the shadow growing
As she turned to walk away
And it seemed her heart was breaking
As he called her name
Calling out to bring her home

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