J-Tree Songtext
von Gang Gang Dance

J-Tree Songtext

Ooh I love that tata music
Oh waking to tata music
I'm not ready, not ready to go
Oh I hear that, mmm, waking to
Ooh, that tata, tata music
And I, I'm not ready
I'm not ready to go

Oh, I'm here between
It slowly moves on
Where have you gone?

And slowly, oh, that music
Oh waking to tata music
I'm not ready I'm, not ready to go

And slowly, oh that music
Oh waking to tata music
I'm not ready I'm not ready to go

You ought to be more mirrored coals
I came through the fire with my whim
Oh I'm here between so slightly sung
Ah ever so sweet
All the choruses I've written are here

Can you hear?
You're don't
They carry me off
But fear cannot scare a song
But fear cannot stop me

I feel, uh, disrespected...
I feel very, uh...
You know you just heard that
These guys would never understand.
You know, I'm trying to tell 'em, but...
The only reason why they removed the barriers
Is because they're armed.
Weapons, tear gas, riot gear, weapons, rubber bullets,
That's what it takes for them to push us back.
They carry weapons because they're scared

What does this land mean to you, this treasured land?
This land means everything
Look over there! All the buffalo!
Look at all those buffalo!
Look at all those buffalo there!

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