Totally Together Songtext
von Galliano

Totally Together Songtext

Is the snare primed? Is the click timed?
50p in the meter, so get it wind
if you is a red eye then you best walk with shade
if you is a high top scissors overcomb to fade
we don't do hip hop as we're not hip hoppers
don't diddle enough for jazz so we can't be jazz boppers
but the funk is the chunk of the music that we're making
dig a little deeper and a rootical stand we're taking
destination hazy aint cause we're lazy
just boldy going where the bass is getting bassy
so come and ride along if the rithm rides your cleet
filas on my toes so I have the atlethe's feet
aint never claimed hard core but here's a little more that i know you can't ignore
when i brush my teet i just use the paste
been known to snort a chilli cause you know i like the taste
when i'm wearing brief i never wear 'em laced
an when i come i'm coming but it's never haste
can i get a bam if you trust Uncle Sam
if there was a bam how you know you can
you're betting on a winner and you got the almost ran
cuthbert Dribble and Grub
You live long and prosper just like Spok
now what's at the door I'm sure i heard a "vulcan"

Sort it out
together we get it all

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