Wonderful Baby Songtext
von Four Tops

Wonderful Baby Songtext

Oh wonderful baby!
Oh wonderful one!

Wonderful baby, wonderful one,
I can't describe all the wonders you've done.
You came to my life,
it was barren and bare.
You put some love and care in there.

So warm and sweet,
you came and swept me off my feet.
That day came my way
I heard you say you belong to me.
Heard you say your love was strong for me.
It was a dream come true
hearing this from you!
So wonderful!

Oh wonderful baby! Wonderful, wonderful baby!
Oh wonderful one! Oh, you are my wonderful one!

Until you came along,
I was sure a lonely one.
With no hope of finding real true love
I didn't think it could ever be done.
Then all at once that occurred
and now you have shown there's hope for the lonely!

So tenderly,
you came and brought me ecstasy.
That day you came my way
I heard you say that you would be true.
I heard you say the words I love you.
The most wonderful words
I've ever heard... so wonderful!

Oh wonderful baby! Wonderful baby!
Oh wonderful one! Oh my wonderful one!
Oh wonderful baby!

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