Beautiful Child Songtext
von Eurythmics

Beautiful Child Songtext

Something that I said
Made you wear a frown
The way you hang your head
Has made the tears come down

But don't you wear a sigh
My beautiful child

You know it doesn't burn
When you touch the sun
So don't be concerned
My golden one

You're gonna reach the sky
Fly beautiful child

There is no other place
The human race
Is running out of space

There is no better love
And human love
Is what it takes

And I'll be at your side
When you're falling down
You'll be feeling fine
When you hit the ground

So don't slip away
Stay beautiful child

Yeah I'm a beautiful child
I'm a beautiful child
You know beautiful child
Oh! A beautiful child
Hey! Beautiful child
Oh I love you beautiful child
Hey I'm a beautiful child


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