The Killer Songtext
von Eternal Ryte

The Killer Songtext

He's like a roaring lion now.
But don't hear his lies, they'll bring you down.
He comes to steal, to kill, destroy your soul.
So stand in God and hold your ground.
Cause he seeks all ways to do you harm, if your in sin.

He's a killer!
He's a killer!

He's like a wolf who stalks the night.
An evil snake with poison lies.
Oh foolish men open up your eyes and see.
Play with sin and you will die.
Cause he seeks those whom he may devour.
Run away.

He's a killer!
He's a killer!

[Guitar Solo]

Satan wants your soul in hell.
But Jesus died so you could live!
You know the score, the choice is your's tonight.
To die in sin or live with Christ.
'Cause Jesus rose to give you life.
He can save you from the killer, from the killer.

Beware! Beware! Beware!
He's a killer!

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