I Wanna Love You Songtext
von Estelle

I Wanna Love You Songtext

Haaaaa haaaaa (haaaa haaaaa)
haaa ohhhh
yeah ok
s'too the rets yo

i wanna love you, i wanna hold you, i wanna kiss you, i wanna hug you (x2)

well i get these gaps in time
where i've been spacin you on my mind
... you make me feel so fly,
... singin me lullaby's
i like how bad it seems so wrong
to feel this weighing it feels so strong
you better sing me a lullaby
so baby come on come one

**chorus X2

you come over and you kiss my face (you kiss my face)
felt like i want you more without saying a thing ?
memorizing this moment believe i la la la la la
you took my hands you kiss my lips
im thinking this is it

**chorus continues till end

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