Past Songtext
von Embrace

Past Songtext

I suppose I'm naive
But I find it hard to believe
A person could make
Life so cheap

It's worth nothing today
Because you threw it away
Self-indulgence took
You too deep

In a whole lot of nothing
You got up and went
Leaving behind all the
People you spent

I guess they could call you
A friend
You took them for a ride to
The very end

What a waste

So in the end you didn't have
No friends
Because they sat and watched
You die
A lot of bridges burned with no
Lessons learned
But plenty of reasons to cry

No communication
Complete separation
No talk, no chance to help
I am guilty

I failed you
As a person who should have cared
I shut my mouth
Because I was scared
I hid my feelings
When they should've been bared
I turned you off
And I, I should have cared.

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