Skinny Legs Songtext
von Elohim

Skinny Legs Songtext

I gotta stop myself from thinking like this
I wanna kill the demons telling secrets
I know they're not for real, but I believe 'em
The more I feed my fears, the more I see them

I didn't know that I was so convincing
'Till I was buying into what my brain was selling
I have to put a halt on what is circling
Before it's way too late and I am melting (melt, melt, melt)

I'm crawling out my skin and I feel sticky
There's a ton of reasons why I should be fine
I'm solid in my bones, just need some tuning
I've gotta get it together to save my life
I've drifted farther than you can imagine
But I'll come back if and when the moment's right (right)
There's little I remember from my journey (journey)
I've metaphorically blacked out too many times

I woke up in a pool of sweat
Nailed down with my hand on my chest
Now I know not to mess with my head
Treat my life with love and respect
All we are is all we are
All we are is all we are

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