Nemesis Songtext
von Elizium

Nemesis Songtext

The reason why
I do not know
There's nowhere to hide
There is no place to go, today

The freezing cold
It doesn't bother me
Hatred warms my heart
Vengeance is all I see

Follow the bloodstains
Crimson in the snow
Hatred still remains
And that is all I know

Over the highest Mountains
Through the darkest abyss
I am hunting you
My nemesis
Through the bone dry desert
Across the raging seas
I'll find you
My nemesis

A brief encounter
I wounded thee
Your bleeding now
You Scream in agony

Circling black birds
A screeching of the crow
They're here for you
And waiti for blood to flow

Down on your knees
Time for your final plea
Your words all in vain
Today is your destiny

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