Suppose You Like Me Songtext
von Earth, Wind & Fire

Suppose You Like Me Songtext

How can I know
We're 'bout our best
When more than dreams
Defer to confess
At our best there's worlds between
What would we do
And what we do to me and you
Walk in our shoes

Never mind much
Color of my skin won't well of how I've been
Shouldn't we rather than

Supposin' bout' my name
Supposin' bout' my game
Suppose we're more the same
Suppose you like me

And rather than
Supposin' my guilt to blame
Or that I'll never change
Suppose we share the pain
Suppose you like me

What would improve
The way we demonstrate
I do
Commit such a love
Regarding none except to/you?
Continue the bond
Let workin' peace calm all storms
Hold you like me

Never mind the
Amount account owe won't stop how far we'd go
If we would just rather than

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