Watch Out Songtext
von DJ Khaled

Watch Out Songtext

Hustle if you wanna, whatever you feel
Move your marijuana, fought faster in here
Trapped on the corner
Loaded with dum dums
Trapping is normal
From where i come from the five oh
Steady people around the corner, eh
Steady people around the corner, oh oh
Steady people around the corner, eh
Steady people around the corner, watch ouuuut now
Styles P-
Most of my money is dirty
Got it from a robery, flying the birdies
F_ck hi jackets, big guns up in my jacket
And i dont give a f_ck about rappin (watch out now)
Street people around the corner
My boys hoping
Meetings inside the sauna
Had my men sweep for the bugs
In informers
Turned myself in with a bill
I gotta warrent
N_ggas wanna rap about bricks
But never put a gram on it
Strip les P the ghost is enormous
If you nice like me put your bricks up
Ill beat you and turn my benz truck
To a pick-up (watch out now)
Your homies gonna have to pour liqour get their tee shirts made cause the 4 is gonna hit ya
And ain't i really tryin to be malice
You'll be MIA but not like Khaled

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