Follow in Your Footsteps Songtext
von DJ Encore

Follow in Your Footsteps Songtext

1. verse

What can I say?
You took me underneath your wings
And I won't be the same
It's just who you are
You're only human
But you're the best I've seen so far

It's so amazing
What I'm getting to know
And the pace you're setting
Is the right way to go

With an open heart
Knowing deep inside
You left a trail of love behind
Can I follow in your footsteps?
Like a golden star
That's the way you shine
You paved a road that's so divine
Can I follow in your footsteps?
2. verse

Life is so strange
Never knowing what the future brings
Living day by day
And I never though
I would be here standing where you are
And I thank you a lot

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