Pura Pasion Songtext
von DJ BoBo

Pura Pasion Songtext

Pura Pasión - feel it everyday
Pura Pasión - the way to live your life
Pura Pasión - running through your veins
Pura Pasión - pasión so close and still so far

Chorus B:
You will only find it in your heart
Try to believe it, make a start
You can create it deep inside
Pura Pasión will be your guide

Verse 1:
Looking back in history
The way of life is mystery
Fortune came then ran away
Do it now before you fade to gray

Bridge 1:
Eyama we oh
Now let the rhythm take control
Eyama we oh
And save your soul

Verse 2:
Searching for the perfect thrill
Impossible to buy that pill
Happiness can come so fast
Find it for yourself to make it last

Bridge 2:
Eyama we oh

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