Runnin' Scared Songtext
von Dixon House Band

Runnin' Scared Songtext

Runnin' scared, run and hide,
Let your heart be denied.
But you're half as much, half-way from
The start, and you'll never see,
Never leave the dark.

Runnin' scared, broken dreams,
Deep in your head won't let you be.
And you happiness
Is half-way compromised.
And I don't believe you'll ever see the light.

Lost and alone without anyone,
And you're feeling like a fool.
There's a place in my life that's so
Empty inside and it's waiting just for you,
Been waiting just for you.

Runnin' scared, lonely confusion, deep
In your head it's an illusion, 'cuz all that
You need is love to see you through.
And I'll be standing here to open the
door for you.

Runnin' scared, run and hide, let your
Heart be denied, 'cuz all that you need is
Love to see you through, and I'll be
Standing here to open the door for you.

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