Waste of Space Songtext
von Delays

Waste of Space Songtext

Like a millionaire, but with nothing to spare,
All this time on my hands doesn't go anywhere,
(But) before you think to cry, I know that…
It's not right, that your there, with your love, going spare,
You're like a waste of space in an empty room,
Just hoping, somebody gets to you soon,
(The way you) run around is not so clever,
I warn you, honey I love you,
With a heart full of song, I will drive you away,
This I've known all along but I don't think I'd blame,
You for passing on…
('Cos) It's not right, that you care so much more, than I care,
I'm just a waste of space, and I rarely move,
Here's hoping, somebody gets to me soon,
The way you run around is not so clever,
I warn you honey, I love you
Centre stage is yours to take,
If you can lose this waste of space.

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