Phantom Manor Songtext
von Deathless Legacy

Phantom Manor Songtext

6 a.m in the morning
The world is so gloomy
I lay in my warm bed
Just petrified
A dance of shadows I see
They tear my mind
Pieces of sanity

Fall from the sky

While the light is yawning
I feel mesmerized
By those dancing entities in front of my eyes
I feel the touch of Death on my neck
They're moaning words I don't understand

There is a fog in the air
I feel a pain that's insane
I am the fog in the air
Tamer, lord of your scares
I am the fog in the air
The damned souls I gather, I gather, I gather
We are the fog in the air
You don't understand
My friend, you've died

Oh, the phantom manor is not alone
He gathers all the damned souls

Hidden in the ancient library
I find a diary
Edward Thanatos
"I see the ghouls…"
Enjoy your reading poor little scum young man
I lived in suffer, you'll soon understand
I was an error for my parent
'cause I can see the ghosts

Edward Thanatos is the Phantom Manor
And I am his damned soul

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