Jackpot the Pimp (skit) Songtext
von Chingy

Jackpot the Pimp (skit) Songtext

Hey wassup!
With the ladies and gentlemen this evenin'
Ya dig?
Jackpot the Pimp steppin in fo a minute screamin at yall
Ya dig
The one
that taught the mac how to mac
And the one that taught superfly how to flap
his muthafukin wings
Yes in the flesh, its me Jackpot the muthfukin Pimp
see some of you playas,
got cha hoes walkin around, and they movin to
muthafukin slow
the bitch must got bricks on her muthafukin feet
check this out nigga
If you got a crease in ya muthafukin shoes, well ya
walkin to much
and you aint no real pimp
man look
i got hoes who drive
me around in the deville lac whit the muthafukin wheel on the back
and bitch
im kickin my gators off
whit my feet on the meat mutha fukin rug
and ya got to understand this pimpin is real
ya dig
i eat sleep and breath pussy muthafuka
fuck the stock market
im down whit
the cock market
ya dig?
niggas talkin bout dis a drought
nigga it aint
no drought
im bringin them hoes in
and im bringin them hoes out
ya need to be all you can be
but this aint the U.S. Navy
Bitch this the
U.S pay me
i got 22 bitches coast to coast bring me 10 cent a muthafukin
week, lets do the math thats 10 G's times 52, thats over a
half a million
dollars a year.
[slap-slap] BITCH 'CUM HERRE!

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