Da La Da La Songtext
von Boney M.

Da La Da La Songtext

I live my life, it's only right
'Cause I can't live your life for you
I'm satisfied, feeling high
'Cause I found out just what to do
So you can bet I never let the things I get
Get the best of me
When I get blue here's what I do and so can you
It's no mystery when you sing

La la de da like que sera sera
Whatever la de da
All you gotta say is la de da

You don't need to cry, no reason why
Is ever good enough for me
We can take a walk, just laugh and talk
Whatever's going to be will be
And when it rains I don't complain I'm like a train
I just keep rolling on
Sometimes you lose you blow a fuse you're not immune
To what's been going on sing along

And when you're down it can be found turn it around
You know the remedy
Just cut some slack and don't look back
'Cause it's a fact it will be ok when you say

Just like doris day sad que sera
La la de da, la la de da, la la de da
All you gotta say is la de da
All I gotta say is, all we gotta say is
It's the only way is la de da

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