Legalize It (Dub) Songtext
von Bob Marley

Legalize It (Dub) Songtext

(chorus) legalize it
don't criticize it
legalize it yea-ah yea-ah
and i will advertize it

some call it tamjee
some call it the weed
some call it marijuana
some of them call it ganja
never mind, got to...

singers smoke it
and players of instrument, too
legalize it, yea-ah yea-ah
that's the best thing you can do

doctors smoke it
nurses smoke it
judges smoke it
even lawyer, too
so you've got to...

it's good for the flu
good for asthma
good for tuberculosis
even numara thrombosis

go to...

birds eat it
ants love it
fowls eat it
goats love to play with it

so you've got to


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