Shine Songtext
von Blue Foundation

Shine Songtext

Nothing in this world
Seems to function without tears
You oughta' know
There's no need to pull yourself apart
Nothing you can doseems to matter without love
You oughta' know
Everything you've got will be enough
All the things you are
Could stay lockedup insidefar from the light of day
It's much more than a matter of pride
Can't you hear them saying
Shine _ aah
Let it be a light that burns within -Open up and
Shine - aah
Never mind the darkness closing in
You can rise above and
Shine - aah
Just close your eyes and shine
Whatever you may do
Don't forget about the little things- small as they may seem
They all add up to someoneelse's dreams
Whatever you may think
No- one wants to show you the way- you can be the one
There's no better time to call the play
All the things you do
Will stay with you wherever you go- no use in trying to hide
It's much more than a matter of show
All you've got to do is
Shine, etc.

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