No Man's Land Songtext
von Beverley Knight

No Man's Land Songtext

Surfing channels
Trying to fool my feelings
It's like they're still resisting
Goes little demons
Trying to leave in
But they keep on playing over again

This 4 walls share my conversations
Wish I could tell someone
But my voice keeps breaking
So ashamed you're still living reveree in my brain... in my brain

I'm saying
I can't move on... stumbling 'round
Hanging on... but going down...
No man's... no man's land

People say
Keep your head up
Watch the sun rising
Everybody has big advice for me
But all I wanna know is
What the hell went wrong... oh what went wrong


But i will rise to the sun again
I have no doubt
But i just don't know when
Sometimes I can change anything
But then again...

(Chorus x2)

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