Maybe Next Time Songtext
von Bananarama

Maybe Next Time Songtext

Next time, alright, right now

Maybe the next time
Next time
Love will be alright
Maybe the next time
Right now
I want you so

(verse 1)
Your touch is so exciting
I feel the passion rising
Deep inside of me
I just can't seem to stop it
Anyway or how you want it
You got me

Whisper so softly
Now nothing can stop me
I'm falling
I'm under your spell


(verse 2)
You're like a fantasy
Doing what you're doing to me
Just like my dreams
No one has ever moved me
Oh what you doing to me
It's so unreal


(chorus x 2)


Maybe the next time (ad lib)
(verse 1)
(bridge to fade)

publishing: In A Bunch Ltd-Warner Chappell / Copyright Control / Rive Droite 1995

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