Sleeperz Songtext
von Atom Tha Immortal

Sleeperz Songtext

It started off in Antwerp/
With Frankie the four-fingered bandit/
"Vhere is the stone?" he demanded/
Got it mad quick/
After a couple of pistol whips/
Now he's on the phone/
Trying to find his way back home/
With a stone the size of a man's fist/
.But two Uzbekistani gentlemen ain't trying to see it like this/
So Boris the Blade tries to circumvent Frankie's path/
Making him place a bet on a boxing match/
And in the mean time make a snatch/
...Have Vinnie, Sol, and Tyrone grab the stone and dash/
With the stolen cash/
But all bets are off at the bookies/
It looks like you're out of luck rookies/
.Apparently the associate of Turkish/
Got Gorgeous George in a fight right before this/
Got his head knocked nervous/
By the bare-knuckle champion of the most infamous fight circuit/
So, the gypsy's, got Turkish bent in a bad position/
Likely to end up missing/
By Bricktop/
If he don't get the gypsy to box/
And drop in the fourth round after the bets stopped/
The pikey champ has a mind of his own/
With one shot, drops a man as heavy as stone/
Turning Bricktop to Al Capone/
And leaving Tommy and Turk, searching for an alternative route home/

You better ponder on your grievers/
I strike you in the face so many times, you'll be a straw feeder/
We're the breed of men you call geezers/
Catch you and your crew walking back streets when you're trying to leave us/
Don't ever you think you can deceive us/
Try to change your accent and reach America so you can flee us/
Ain't gonna happen, divas/
And we're the sort of gentlemen you don't want to aggravate, either/

Sol and Tyrone have still got the stone/
Till Boris the Blade pays a visit/
Shot Frankie four-fingers after he found out who did it/
Got the stone back for a minute/
But Bullet-tooth Tony is on the trail of the crooks who took the rock/
Found Boris the Blade inside a shop/
There's a brief struggle/
Now the stone is in his hands/
But Vinne and Sol want to make a change of plans/
So they step up/
With replica guns that look real/
But Bullet-tooth Tony ain't afraid of steel/
And why should he/
Their synthetic guns don't look right/
And got the word "Replica" engraved on the side/
.So they move to plan B/
And try to hold up Avi/
In the bathroom/
But run into Boris/
Mad as a molotov/
Packing a kalashnikov/
Some shots from chrome/
And someone ended up with the stone/
.In the meantime, Turkish is running to leave town/
But Bricktop is waiting with his men/
Telling him he better get the pikey champ to fight again/
Only this time, to go down in the fourth round/
.But Mickey won't fight unless they pay him/
So he sends some of regiment of men to physically persuade him/
Burned his mom alive in her wagon/
They shouldn't have done that/
Cause gypsies will come back attacking.

(Chorus x 2)

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