Sephardic Songtext
von Atom Tha Immortal

Sephardic Songtext

I strike mics with my dominance/
lyrically ominous/
I escape/
the ordinary thought/
Of the hominids/
Burning with fury like an arsonist/
Learning the logical laws/
That'll eradicate all your arguments/
...A solid defense/
When Atom vents/
Contents, causing events, to shake your sense/
And break the perception of what it meant/
To be a physical being/
Trapped in a matrix of material dreams/
This isn't the world/
This is monotonous play/
.Where lies are told daily on the radio waves/
Making a man slave/
For the latest things they made/
But I refuse to let them abuse me/
Upon my mind/
Motivating my silence/
Trying be meek when I speak/
And teach science/
Trying to leave my inner violence/
.Trying to spit a rhyme/
Legendary, like the various of Greek Islands.

You promised me that the burden will be light/
And so I'm gonna walk by faith/
And not sight/
Trusting in the blood of the hated/
Written above me as a banner/
Is "Messiah Ben David"/
Even when my enemies surround me like the Bulls of Bashan/
I know, only Yeshua's path is right/
"And his burden light..."/

It's textbook the way I contemplate the situation/
The strategic configuration of land/
Advantages of heaven and earth/
Organization and discipline/
The generals, and Ways of the heart of men/
Mastered the Art of men/
combative destiny/
Epitome of military innovative weaponry/
Nobody can contend/
When I pretend/
To tenatively intend/
To withdraw my forces of 40 men/
Beyond the borders of the land Cush/
So you can follow/
With all your men into an ambush/
.my bloodline reaches back/
To the Kingdoms of Spain/
Like the Sephardic/
Saying 'Adonai' instead of His name/
Like the blade of Charles Martel on Frankish plains/
Or the armies of Charlemagne taking over the same/
.I spit blades for his name/
.And try to glorify what the pagan mind can never contain.

(Chorus 2X)

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