Ruach Songtext
von Atom Tha Immortal

Ruach Songtext

I'm standing taller than the Wall of Hadrian/
Battle cries ended/
When I ascended/
The mortal men I contend with/
You seem easily offended/
By the weapon/
Of a legend/
Assigned for Divine vengeance/
The animosity of my philosophy/
Makes it hard for your humanist thought to find followers/
You twist truth like it's Oliver's/
Atom tha Immortal's spitting blades from his mouth like sword swallowers/
...This is the progression of mic-forms/
The elevation of the levels of light in a life-form/
The calm before the storm/
The bomb about to blow/
When the car's, ignition system is warm/
Born a star like a blackhole backwards/
.It's Oscars for all you auditory actors/
I'm on point like a battle-lance/
Rushing through your city with the power of a Himlayan avalanche/

Fighting for survival/
We're never gonna surrender, forever defend and fight as men/
Fighting for survival/
Ripping your ghosts from the shell, and sending your demon legion to hell/
Fighting for survival/
The battle line's been drawn, the mics are ready, the minds are armed/
Fighting for survival/
This is the Day of the Vengence of the LORD, we're fighting the hellish hordes, and moving the units with one accord.

Guerilla war when I rhyme/
Embroidered the Atom pattern on the tapestry of mankind/
Changing the minds of mortal men/
To reflect the Laws of Ha'shem/
And the blood of his offering/
Broken on a cross, body of Messiah was smitten and slain/
For the same children of the Holocaust/
And the nations joining the flock, I rock mics with the composure/
Of a trained soldier/
Fighting in the Battle of Jehovah/
In the Valley of Jezreel/
Stabbing with the steel of Angola/
The mic controller/
The MC that's known to/
Leave a lyricist laying in a coma/
From the realm of Aristotle, I throttle your body almost/
I'm piercing past your physical/
Lacerating your Logos/
Signed in blood/
By Atom tha Militant/
Blowing up your spot like a Palestinian immigrant/


My genome was split from the stock of Men/
The nobility in my blood is blue like shark pigment/
Bluer than an ocean infinite/
More blue than hemoglobin holding no oxygen gas in it/
Like it was found/
With no O2 bound to its center/
Atom tha Immortal Mind Bender/
Also know as the Rhyme Ender/
Pulling your plug/
Like a baby ripped from the placenta/
This is the way that I rock/
Walking unpopular/
Like the Samurai allied with the Swastika/
The bomb shrapnel I drop is the ocular/
Manifestation of when I'm saying I'm rocking you/
... Reading Torah like a rabbi/
With a Messianic understanding spannning deeper than the Magi/
Atom tha Immortal's the bad guy/
To a nation in sin/
Beginning to reap the whirlwind.


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