Gleefully Groucho

Gratuitously Groucho (Compilation)

The Golden Age of Comedy (Compilation)

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  1. Introduction (by Bing Crosby)
  2. Overture - Medley From Marx Brothers Films
  3. Introduction - Dick Cavett
  4. Hello, I Must Be Going
  5. Violin Solo, Jack Benny Tribute
  6. How I Got Started in Show Business
  7. My Family, How We Got Our Names
  8. Strange Relatives - Uncle Julius
  9. Chico at Klauber Horn Co.
  10. Uncle Herman, Chiropodist
  11. Timbuctoo
  12. Annie Berger
  13. World War One, Vaudeville in Toronto
  14. Oh, How That Woman Could Cook
  15. Toronto Song
  16. London Stories: Polish Officer Story
  17. London Stories: Churchill & 2nd World War
  18. Tough Chicago Critic
  19. Palace Theatre: Sarah Bernhardt
  20. Palace Theatre: Fanny Brice/Swayne's Rats and Cats
  21. Poem From the Play 'Animal Crackers'
  22. T.S. Eliot Memorial: Laurence Olivier's Lap
  23. 2nd World War Bond Tour
  24. Houdini Story
  25. Music in 'Cocoanuts' - George Kaufman & Morrie Ryskind Story/Always
  26. Music in 'Cocoanuts' - Stay Down Here Where You Belong
  27. Otto Kahn Story
  28. W.C. Fields: Beebee Gun/Prohibition
  29. W.C. Fields: Baby Leroy
  30. Heaven's Above
  31. Everybody Works but Father
  32. Father's Day
  33. Margaret Dumont, The Dowager in Our Films
  34. Thalberg Story - Garbo
  35. Sampson and Delilah Story
  36. Will Rogers, Baseball in Baltimore
  37. Priests' Stories: Plaza Hotel/Montreal
  38. Priests' Stories: Rome
  39. Show Me a Rose
  40. Lydia, The Tattooed Lady
  41. Almanac Awry
  42. Groucho's Mother
  43. Dr. Hackenbush
  44. Wild Red Berry Bets His Life
  45. Wooden Shoes
  46. Black Strap Molasses
  47. I Can Tell A Phony!
  48. Groucho In Chicago
  49. How D'ye Do and Shake Hands
  50. Quiz For Jolson
  51. The Inimitable Groucho
  52. Double Indemity
  53. You Bet Your Life's Cutting Room Floor
  54. The Musicologist's Raw Deal
  55. Groucho Mars Does His Thing
  56. A Grouchy Patient
  57. Omaha, Nebraska
  58. Love Crazed
  59. Go West, Young Man
  60. Marine Dietrich
  61. Hollywood Agents
  62. I'll Say She Is
  63. Groucho Marx Does His Thing


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